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Phoniebox - Homemade kids jukebox.

Phoniebox - Homemade kids jukebox.

For my daughters birthday I pondered buying her a kids audio playing device, but I was worried she would be disappointed if she did not have the power and flexibility of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. So at only twice the cost of a commercial product and after only a week of work I have built her a Phoniebox.

Phoniebox is a Raspberry PI based kids jukebox that uses RFID tags to play audio files in a folder. This simple idea allows for a lot of creativity building and filling the box with content.

Inside there is a Raspberry PI 3, USB RFID Reader, USB Powered Speakers, USB sound card and USB power-bank. So wiring is mostly a case of plugging things in. The optional arcade buttons are wired to the GPIO pins for push button control.

Phoniebox inside

The case is a mix of re-purposed materials and 3D printed parts. The software is mostly scripts on top of Mopidy / MPD / ALSA so it is very customisable and flexible.

I am not sure if she will spend more time using it than I spent building it but I really enjoyed playing with her new birthday toy.

Doug Culnane

Doug ist Developer bei der openFORCE und beschäftigt sich mit der Konzeption, Entwicklung und Weiterentwicklung von Applikationen und Prozessen.

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